Our Society- What we do!

Presentations and Lectures.

Throughout our season we have speakers from various aspects of photography. This ranges from a team who specialise in developing basic skills through practical applications, such as pinhole cameras using light sensitive paper, through to the latest gadgets such as drones and mobile phones.

We try to arrange our season so that our meetings are interesting, thought provoking, but mainly help people to improve their abilities and knowledge of photography.


Throughout our year we put on rounds in our three internal competition areas, Small Print, DPIs and Prints. The small prints are judged by members, but we engage external judges for DPIs and Prints. At the end of the year we award trophies for each competition. The difference between Small Prints and Prints is that to be eligible for entry into the Small Print category, there must be no post production processing, other than minor cropping.

These competitions are the main driving force to improve the creativity and quality of our members work.  Different themes of photography are put forward to challenge individuals.

We also, as a society, enter external competitions. These range from local club challenges to wider regional competitions. The society sees these as a chance to compare our work with others, and also to gain knowledge with social interactions.

The Annual Exhibition. 

This provides an opportunity for our members to show the public what we do. This is held in St. Dionysius Church in Market Harborough, in early October, and is the highlight of our year. The exhibition allows family and friends to see an individual’s work and that of other members of the society

Meetings are held on Tuesday evenings, 7:30pm – 9:30pm (see Calendar) at:-

Meadowdale Primary School
room No.6

Meadowdale Primary School, Meadowdale Rd, is accessed off the A4304 Rockingham Road via Ashley Way and Rylands Close.
(Sat Nav LE16 7XQ).

Competition Rules

An image may only be entered into one heat of any competition.
Once entered, an image will become ineligible for entry into any subsequent heat of the same competition.
An alternative rendering of an image already submitted may be resubmitted providing it is sufficiently different as to be deemed a separate image
e.g. colour converted to mono.
All images or parts thereof must be the entrant’s own work.
Minimum entry. In the event of fewer than three members submitting images for any heat or any competition, that heat or competition shall be either abandoned or postponed. Any images submitted for an abandoned or postponed competition may be entered into a subsequent heat
Entries may be retained by the society for use in external competitions.

There are several competitions held annually, spaced throughout the season.

1.1. Print & Projected Image League
1.1.1. Comprises of 6 heats.
1.1.2. Each heat to comprise of 3 categories – Colour Print / Mono Print / Projected Digital Image
1.1.3. Entries to be submitted no later than the published hand in dates (normally 2 weeks prior to competition). Entries submitted later will not be accepted.
1.1.4. Members may submit up to 3 images in each category in each heat – i.e. a maximum of 9 images per heat. In the event of a very large entry the Competition Secretary will have the discretion to reduce the number of images from each member. Members should therefore indicate their preferred images i.e. 1, 2 or 3.
1.1.5. Judging to be by suitably qualified members of other societies or by such other methods as shall be determined from time to time.
1.1.6. Each image will be awarded marks out of 20. Scores are awarded according to placings.
1.1.7. Only a member’s highest scoring image will be used to calculate scores in each heat.
1.1.8. Marks will be cumulative for each category and annual league results are based on an individual’s highest scoring five heats in each category.

1.2. Small Print league
1.2.1. The objective is to provide a low cost competition for members.
1.2.2 .Comprises of 6 heats
1.2.3. Each heat is of a single category, with no split between mono and colour
1.2.4. Entries to be submitted on the night.
1.2.5. Members may submit up to 3 images in each heat
1.2.6. Entries are voted for internally by each member in attendance. Votes are counted and scores awarded according to placings.
1.2.7. Only a member’s highest scoring image will be used to calculate scores in each heat.
1.2.8. Marks will be cumulative and annual league results are based on an individual’s highest scoring five heats.

1.3. Annual Exhibition
1.3.1 .Each member may enter a total of up to 6 prints whether small or large (mono or coloured) or a mixture of both.
1.3.2. An entry form is required and must be submitted along with entries. Entries must be listed in order of preference, as in the event of insufficient display space, some images may not be displayed.
1.3.3. An overall ‘Best in Exhibition’ image will be chosen by public vote. Voters will be allowed to vote once only for up to three photographs showing their order of preference. Voters will be required to enter a telephone number or email address (linked to a prize draw) to prevent multiple votes.

2.1 Image Format
2.1.1 All prints must be mounted.
2.1.2 Prints may be trade processed or printed by the entrant.

2.2 Prints – All competitions other than Small Print League
2.2.1. Mount size – 50cm x 40cm maximum.
2.2.2. Print size – 50cm x 40cm maximum including mount.
2.2.3. Print area – 260 sq. cm minimum with the major linear edge not less than 23cm
2.2.4 Author’s name, image title, image preference order number and competition entered, to appear on the top right hand corner of the reverse of the mount.

2.3. Digital Images- All competitions
2.3.1. Format to be JPG / JPEG.
2.3.2. Images to be resized to fit within 1400 pixels wide x 1050 pixels high.
2.3.3. Digital images must be submitted via email to the competition email address which is: mhpscompsec@gmail.com.
2.3.4. Images must be titled as follows:  preference 1, 2 or 3 followed by TITLE by First name Last name.
2. WHITE SNOWFLAKE by Anne Other

2.4. Small Prints
2.4.1. Images should be ‘out of camera’ and may not be manipulated after image capture or subsequently adjusted using external software.
2.4.2. Entries must be of whole images and not a selected area enlarged.
2.4.3. Print size 8”x 6” maximum.
2.4.4. All images must be titled. The image title must appear on the front of the mount in the top right hand corner.
The competitor’s name must appear on the reverse.

3.1 Trophies
3.1.1. Colour Print Winner = Breakwell Cup; Mono Print Winner = C E Wise Cup; Projected Digital Image Winner = Ward Tankard Trophy; Small Print Winner = Small Print Trophy;
3.1.2. Runners Up in the above competitions will be awarded certificates.
3.1.3. Exhibition Winner = Exhibition Trophy.
President’s Shield awarded by the Chairman for special achievement.
Highly Commended Trophy awarded by the committee.
3.1.4. Trophies to be presented at the AGM and shall be held for one year.

Updated Jul 201

Officers and Committee 2018/19

Chairman: Mike Saywood
email: mike.saywood@mhps.uk

Vice Chairman: Alan Parker
email: alan.parker@mhps.uk

Secretary: Andy Murdock
Tele: 07872917721

Treasurer: Bryan Foskett
email: bryan.foskett@mhps.uk

Programme: Committee

Internal Comp: Andy Murdock

Small Print: Bryan Foskett/Bob Turnell

External Comp: Bob Turnell
email: bob.turnell@mhps.uk

Catering: Keith Dunkley
email: keith.dunkley@mhps.uk

Webmaster: Bob Tyrrell
email: bob.tyrrell@mhps.uk