Competition Rules

All images or elements thereof must be the entrant’s own work.

There are four categories:-
Small Print.
Print (comprising) Colour & Mono.
Digital Projected Images (DPI

An image may only be entered into one heat of any competition.
An alternative rendering of an image already submitted may be resubmitted providing it is sufficiently different as to be deemed a separate image
e.g. colour converted to mono.
Small Prints may also be entered into the Print and Projected Image categories.

All printed images to be mounted.

Prints may be trade processed or printed by the entrant.

Small Print handed in on the night, Print and DPI’s two weeks prior to Judging.
See Handbook or Club Calendar for details (Link)

There are 6 Heats throughout the year.
Members may submit up to 3 Small Print and 3 in each Category of the Colour Print, Mono Print and Projected Images per heat (12 total per Heat).
Competition Secretary will have the discretion to reduce the number of images from each member subject to the stated preference.
In the event of fewer than three members submitting images, that heat or competition shall be either abandoned or postponed.

For Print and DPI, judging to be by suitably qualified members of other societies or by such other methods as shall be determined from time to time.
For the Small Print, entries are voted for internally by each member in attendance.

Each image will be awarded marks out of 20.
Scores are awarded according to placings (not marks awarded).
Only a member’s highest scoring image will be used to calculate scores in each heat.
Marks will be cumulative for each category and annual league results are based on an individual’s highest scoring five heats in each category

Entries may be retained by the society for use in external competitions

Small Print Category

Mono or Colour

Images should be “out of camera” with only minor adjustment to:-
Dust Spot Removal

Print Size 8” x 6” maximum

Image title must appear on the front of the mount, top right hand corner
Competitor’s name and preference must appear on the reverse

Print Colour & Mono Category

Label to appear on the top right hand corner of the reverse of the mount.
Preference number,
Image Title
Author’s name
Competition entered Colour/Mono
Example            2. WHITE SNOWFLAKE by Anne Other    Mono

Print Colour & Mono:-
Mount size – 50cm x 40cm maximum.
Print size – 50cm x 40cm maximum including mount.
Print area – 260 sq. cm minimum with the major linear edge not less than 23cm.

Digital Projected Image Category

Digital Images- All competitions:-
Digital images must be submitted via email to the competition email address which is:
File Name Example            2. WHITE SNOWFLAKE by Anne Other

Format to be JPG / JPEG.
Images to be resized to fit within 1400 pixels wide x 1050 pixels high.


Annual Exhibition

Each member may enter a total of up to 6 prints
Small or large (mono or colour) or a mixture of both.

An entry form is required and must be submitted along with entries.
Entries must be listed in order of preference, as in the event of insufficient display space, some images may not be displayed.

An overall ‘Best in Exhibition’ image will be chosen by public vote.
Voters will be allowed to vote once only for up to three photographs showing their order of preference.
Voters will be required to enter a telephone number or email address (linked to a prize draw) to prevent multiple votes.


Colour Print Winner = Breakwell Cup.
Mono Print Winner = C E Wise Cup.
Digital Projected Image Winner = Ward Tankard Trophy.
Small Print Winner = Small Print Trophy
Runners Up in the above competitions will be awarded certificates.

Best Image of the Year =Chris Marsh Trophy.
As chosen by the members from all heat winners (Colour/Mono/DPI’s) throughout the year.

Four Seasons Winner = Four Seasons Competition.

President’s Shield awarded by the Chairman for special achievement.

Highly Commended Trophy awarded by the committee.

Trophies to be presented at the AGM and shall be held for one year.

Updated 02/02/2020


1. Title

1.1. The Society shall be called the Market Harborough Photographic Society.

2. Objectives of the society:

2.1. To foster and promote greater interest in photography as a hobby.
2.2. To assist its members to improve their photographic skills and knowledge.

3. Objectives to be achieved through

3.1. Practical and social meetings.
3.2. Lectures.
3.3. Demonstrations.
3.4. Competitions.
3.5. Any other means which from time to time may be deemed appropriate

4. Membership (subject to the approval of the Committee) shall be:

4.1. Open to any person on payment of an annual subscription

5. Annual Subscription

5.1. Rate to be determined at a General Meeting of the Society.
5.2. Subscriptions shall become due and payable on admission and thereafter at the first meeting of the Society in each subsequent September.
5.3. Membership shall continue until receipt of resignation or at such time as a subscription becomes overdue by three calendar months.
5.4. Only fully paid up members may enter competitions.

6. Officers of the Society

6.1. Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer, Programme Secretary, Competition Secretary, External Competition Secretary, Publicity Officer.

7. Management of the Society

7.1. To be vested in a committee comprising 6.1 above plus up to three other elected members.
7.2. The Officers of the committee shall stand down annually but shall, if so invited, be eligible for re-election.
7.3. Committee places vacant at the AGM, or which become vacant during a season, may be filled by vote at any meeting of the society or by co-option.
7.4. The power of the committee includes
7.4.1.All management functions other than alterations to the Constitutional Rules of the Society.
7.4.2.The power to co-opt any member to serve on the committee or any sub-committee for any special purpose. Such members shall be co-opted in an advisory capacity only and shall not be eligible to vote.
7.5. At any committee meeting a minimum of four elected members shall form a quorum.
7.6. The financial year of the society shall end on 31 May. The funds of the society, other than such sums as may be required for immediate use, shall be lodged at a bank or building society. Cheques shall be signed by any two of four designated signatories.
7.7. The Annual General Meeting of the society, at which the year-end accounts of the society shall be presented, will be held in June.
7.8. At least seven day’s notice shall be given of any General Meeting of the society. On any society matter on which a vote is taken only fully paid-up members shall be entitled to vote. 25% of the membership shall form a quorum.
7.9. The society’s constitution and rules shall not be altered in any other way than at a general meeting of the society.
7.10. Proposed changes to the constitution or rules shall be submitted in writing to the general secretary not later than 21 days before the AGM, and each proposal must have a proposer and seconder. Such proposals shall be communicated to members not later than 14 days before the AGM.
7.11. Agenda items of any other business at a general meeting must be submitted in writing to the general secretary at least 7 days before the meeting.

8 Equality, Diversity and Safeguarding

8.1. The Society holds policies for Equality and Diversity and Safeguarding which may be updated from time to time to keep in line with legislation. These can be viewed on the Society’s website at

Updated 15 May 2018

Data Protection Policy Statement

Market Harborough Photographic Society’s (MHPS) Constitution sets out the objects of the club, which are:

  • To foster and promote greater interest in photography as a hobby. 
  • To assist its members to improve their photographic skills and knowledge. 

These are to be achieved through:

Practical and social meetings, lectures, demonstrations, competitions and any other relevant means.

MHPS is a data controller, with ‘legitimate interest’, within the UK.

The personal information referred to in this policy could include:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Telephone Numbers
  4. Email Address
  5. Records of entries to events and such other information as might be required for the effective management and operation of the legitimate interest of MHPS

Any person wishing to verify the information held by MHPS may apply to the Secretary in writing.

MHPS collects and holds personal data about:

  1. The Committee and its current members. The information is stored on a password protected computer file by the Secretary and also in an MHPS Dropbox with access by the Executive Committee only. Data is retained as long as a valid membership is held, thereafter all personal data will be deleted.
  2. Others necessary for the conduct of the business of MHPS
  3. Photographers are creators of images used in the activities of MHPS. This information may be used in the publication of materials, results, awards or other publicity related to MHPS’s objects.
  4. For inter-club competitions, personal data will need to be passed to other data controllers and it will be the duty of the external competitions secretary to check that the receiving Club has the correct processes in place.

MHPS may retain historical archives (either in paper or electronic form) for example, but not limited to, records of meetings, hand books, programmes, awards and other event results.

Equality, Diversity and Safeguarding.

Market Harborough Photographic Society Policy Statements.

Persons wishing to join the Society or to attend meetings or functions must be aged 14 years or above. If they are under 18 years or are vulnerable adults then they must be accompanied at any meetings or functions by a parent or guardian at all times.

Equality and Diversity.
The Society recognises the benefits of diversity and inclusivity to the enrichment of photography and the Society and to that end it encourages a positive and supportive environment free from harassment and bullying. The Society will encourage participation and involvement from all members and guests regardless of disability, race, ethnicity, religion, age, sexual preference or ability.
The Committee will actively challenge all expressions of discrimination or prejudice.

June 2018