Our Society – What we do.

Presentations and Lectures.

Throughout our season we have speakers from various aspects of photography. This ranges from a team who specialise in developing basic skills through practical applications, such as pinhole cameras using light sensitive paper, through to the latest gadgets such as drones and mobile phones.

We try to arrange our season so that our meetings are interesting, thought provoking, but mainly help people to improve their abilities and knowledge of photography.


Throughout our year we put on rounds in our three internal competition areas, Small Print, DPIs and Prints. The small prints are judged by members, but we engage external judges for DPIs and Prints. At the end of the year we award trophies for each competition. The difference between Small Prints and Prints is that to be eligible for entry into the Small Print category, there must be no post production processing, other than minor cropping.

These competitions are the main driving force to improve the creativity and quality of our members work.  Different themes of photography are put forward to challenge individuals.

We also, as a society, enter external competitions. These range from local club challenges to wider regional competitions. The society sees these as a chance to compare our work with others, and also to gain knowledge with social interactions.

The Annual Exhibition. 

This provides an opportunity for our members to show the public what we do.
The exhibition allows family and friends to see an individual’s work and that of other members of the society.